February 18, 2010

Baby, ball - what's the difference?

Setting the scene: Aaron, Grant and I were in Grant's room getting him ready for the day. Grant loves designs & textures on fabrics and we were sitting on the floor while he was running his hand over the pattern on my shirt. Then, Grant began to clap and bounce excitedly while "tapping" my stomach...

Grant: Baw-baw! [clap] Baw!
Aaron: Baby! That's right, Grant! Baby!
Karen: No, Aaron - that's his word for ball.

That's right. That wasn't the last time he did that either. He is convinced that Mommy has a ball attached to her or hidden under her shirt. However, looking at me, you can't really blame the little guy for being confused - though I think it looks more like a watermelon. : )

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  1. Oh that is so funny!! What a good story! :) Love all the pics of Grant on here!! So fun to see him with his walker and playing in his new room!! Loved the ultrasound pics of Wesley too!! He will be here before we know it!! Yay!!


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