September 22, 2010

What's yours is mine

Hmmm - that looks good.
I'm going for it...

Got it!

September 19, 2010

My parents and my brother, Mark, traveled far to be here for Grant's second birthday celebration. I am kicking myself for not taking more pictures during their visit. (Mark, I am very frustrated I didn't get a picture of you with the boys - I am so sorry. Make sure we get one the next time we are together!) We had a wonderful time. They were so helpful in working around the house and watching the boys so I could get a few things crossed of my list. Time passed too quickly and it was hard to say good-bye. I am thankful for the time we were able to be together.

Grandpa Penner and Grant
Grant loves to go on walks and Grandpa was very kind to accommodate him. One day, Grant went on four walks before 10am. It seems that Grant's development accelerates whenever he gets his quota of walks in - great sensory integration.

September 13, 2010

6 Months Old


September 12, 2010

Grant is TWO!

Elmo birthday party!

Grant decided to skip the formalities of singing "Happy Birthday" and blowing out his candles and go right for the cake...

... I stopped him. He was still pretty proud of himself for trying.

OK, mom. Let's blow out the candles.
Now can we have some cake?

The Elmo cake - and Grant's handiwork.

It was worth the wait. Yummy cake!

Grant eating his birthday dinner with his buddies.

We had an informal family photo session before the party.

We love you, Grant!
We are looking forward to seeing God work in your life this year.


September 8, 2010


Wesley is trying so hard to crawl. I am excited for him but also sad that my little baby is growing up so quickly.


September 3, 2010


Wesley has discovered his tongue and isn't afraid to use it. He'll stick it out when he's playing, talking, crying, eating... he thinks it's hilarious. (We do too.)

We've been teaching Grant some yoga poses and animal walks. He's perfected "downward-facing dog" (which we have renamed "upside-down Grant"). The session usually ends with both of us rolling on the floor laughing.

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