November 1, 2010

Grant ate an apple.

While it may be a small milestone for most children, it's not for Grant. The combination of holding an apple properly while opening his mouth wide and biting down hard enough and then chewing the apple (skin & all) enough to swallow - and not spit out - is huge. Someone once told me that it is important to celebrate all of Grant's small victories (like when he learned how to transition from walking on a sidewalk to grass). While I agreed with the advice and often pepper him with praise, that statement caused me to wince in anger and tear up. I had to pause and think why such a comment would bother me. It's because they are not small victories. Things that are small feats to other children are huge to Grant. It is a painful reality to watch your child struggle at something that is second nature to others. I am learning to focus on the positive. Grant is a sweet, happy boy with a heart of gold. He works hard every day. He has far to go but today I dwell in the wonderful experience of watching my son, Grant, eat an apple.



  1. Yay!! Rejoicing with you in this great big victory for Grant! God is able, in all things, to make a way. Praying for you as He carries you day by day, victory by victory!


  2. Personally, I think every victory is a big one for every kid, no matter what it is or when it comes. They're all learning and growing at the pace God has set for them — and it's amazing to watch. Hooray for Grant's latest achievement!


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