April 19, 2011

Therapy Tuesday: Sensory Box

Grant's extreme need for sensory integration, because of his Sensory Processing Disorder, forces me to think "outside the box" a lot. Unfortunately, creative thinking is not my strongest skill. Fortunately, many others have been in my shoes and have provided some helpful ideas. One of them is the sensory box. This particular sensory box engages Grant's sense of touch and also works on fine motor planning and on the range of motion for his wrists (ie: rotating his wrists as he scoops and pours).

The box is filled with rice, popcorn kernels, and a few scooping toys. I also bury various things for him to dig and find.

While Grant enjoys scooping and raking his fingers through the rice mixture, his favorite thing to do is to bury his hands and then fling the contents of the box. At least rice is easier to get out of his hair than dirt and sand. :)

Click here for more sensory box ideas.



  1. Karen,

    UNC-TV had a documentary on tonight about a family with a son with a sensory-processing disorder. I didn't catch the name since i missed the beginning, but it was an interesting look at the therapies they used, the different diagnoses, the feelings of the parents, conflicting views of their doctors and so on.


  2. We used to do pinto beans and rice mixed together, too! I always imagined I could recycle it into a meal. Popcorn is a great idea! But we always have the same 'problem': the throwing begins. More than anything, my son loves to throw rice, then he gets all dysregulated because of the visual input, then we are right back where we started - sensory dysregulation. Sigh.

  3. I am soaking up all that you have learned. Sam (Reed) sent me a link to your blog and it's been such a blessing to read what you've shared. We're just starting our journey and waiting for more tests and diagnois. Just know, God is using you Karen to give this mom who feels so inadequate some hope and direction.

    Blessings and thanks!!!


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