June 5, 2011

Five on Five: June 5, 2011

Last month my cousin's wife, Jenna Unruh (a great photographer and blogger), did an entry on the Unruh Photography blog called "May 10 on 10". It's where on the 10th of the month you take one picture every hour for ten hours. She did her version of that and I decided to do my own version. I don't have time to focus on taking ten pictures in a day and I also don't want to worry about the clock (even though I think that is a really good idea), so.... I'm doing five pictures on the 5th of the month... five on five. They are just snapshots of our life throughout the day. I believe that capturing the "monotonous" moments of one's day can sometime be the best memories to look back on.

Grant discovered our rocking chair and now pulls it out to rock in while watching TV. 
He is, of course, watching Tigers baseball.

It's the beginning of peach season! Aaron's mom generously supplies us with wonderful, tasty peaches from "the peach lady" in Waxhaw. They are so good. I plan on making raspberry peach jam sometime soon - on the advice of an old friend, Dierdre Harder Shetler, who shares my love for homemade goodness from the kitchen.

It is impossible to keep my children out of the pool.

Wesley is getting a little too used to hand-me-downs. He snatched Grant's half-eaten, discarded (on the table) apple and tried to finish it himself.

Aaron grabbed the camera for this one: Mommy reading bedtime stories to the boys.


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