May 31, 2011

Photos of the Month: May 2011

Aaron was gone for few days in May to Parris Island for a Marine recruiting program. No, he's not joining the Marines. Aaron was there to learn, observe, and even experience many parts about Marine boot camp and Marine life. This program was set up for educators so they could return and share their observations with others (in hopes that it would spark an interest to join). You'll have to ask Aaron about it sometime. He has a lot of interesting stories (he experienced the "yellow footprints", learned to march, fired some weapons, and much more...). Aaron brought back with him a couple little toy planes and Grant loved them. It was fun to hear Grant walk around the house making his version of airplane noises.

The boys, with Daddy's help, made Mother's Day cards. 

Love those little hand-prints!

Lately, when Grant wakes up from his nap, he asks for an apple and enjoys eating it while looking outside.

Grandpa Mayes introduced golf to Grant and he really took to it. I can see it now,  the first PGA Pro with Fragile X Syndrome! :) Now we just have to find a way to get Grant some golf lessons...

 We brought out the sprinkler and Grant had a great time with it.

 Wesley wasn't too sure about the sprinkler. So cold!

 Rain, rain! May was a rainy month but it was great for the lawn, trees, and garden.

I was late in getting the garden planted but it seems to be doing well (especially with the heat we've had this past week). I can't wait for the fresh green beans, tomatoes, and green bell peppers. I haven't had much luck growing bell peppers down here but I'm trying again this year.

Aaron made a second little garden for me on the side of the house and the plants have been flourishing. I planted zucchini, squash, cucumber, and more tomatoes.

Wesley is always looking for an opportunity to dig his hands into dirt. He enjoyed watching me plant the garden this year and desperately wanted a part of the action.

 My little garden "helper".

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