July 8, 2011

Fabulous Find: Eye Can Learn

Grant's occupational therapist told me about the website http://www.eyecanlearn.com/. It helps children with their visual tracking skills - perception, tracking, focus, and eye teaming.

Because of Grant's desire for visual stimulation, he loves the tracking eye games. His favorites are the Clown Jumps, Rabbit JumpsFlitting Butterfly, and Bouncing Ball (you can click on the titles I've listed to go straight to those games). I also like the memory game. Some of the games are too advanced for Grant but there are plenty to engage him now.

Check out http://www.eyecanlearn.com/!


  1. That website is AMAZING! Both my son and I are visually impaired and that has given me a lot of exercises to work on with him. Thank you!

  2. @Mama_Ashley Yay! I am so glad the website is helpful!


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