July 31, 2011

Photos of the Month: July 2011

Independence Day! Every year we look forward to the Waxhaw Fourth of July Parade. There is nothing better than small town festivities. Fire trucks, horses, motorcycles, floats, candy, dogs and people watching - Grant loved it all.
Wesley preferred to watch the entertaining procession while being by Mommy, Aunt Lydia, or Grandma. He enjoyed much of the parade but his favorites were the horses and dogs. 

The quaint and picturesque wooden bridge in Waxhaw... Watching a train pass through was the perfect finale.
The three grandchildren - oldest to youngest.
Wesley enjoying one summer's finest - an ice cream cone.
The boys enjoy jumping together on the trampoline. I'll let you guess which one is the blur. :)
Grant loves the big Curious George book. I melt every time Grant grabs my hand, leads me to the bookcase and says, "Geoge." I pull the book down and place it on the little table where Grant sifts through the pages, scrutinizing every detail.

What's a hot summer day without a little water? The boys kept running back for more as Aaron showered them with the hose.
Again - what's summer without water?

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  1. That first picture of Grant looks like it belongs in a patriotic calendar or something. It's perfect! And I love the picture of Aaron spraying the boys with the hose. That's always a hit at our house, too!


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