August 14, 2011

Forecasting Hope

Naturally I get excited whenever I see Fragile X Syndrome getting some press. I'm often amazed at the places it pops-up. Recently USA Today published a piece about the Weather Channel's Jim Cantore and his 25 years of dedication to storm chasing (so cool). I was sipping my early morning coffee and skimming the article when I read the short portion about Cantore's two children - who have Fragile X Syndrome. Wow! I had no idea.

(Click here to read Jim Cantore has weathered 25 year of chasing storms by By Jonathan Lebowitz, USA TODAY, August 9, 2011.)

I was impressed with how well Cantore summed up his encounter with Fragile X Syndrome. He called it "the storm that hurts the most and never goes away."

So true.

Cantore went on to say, "What my children have to deal with on a daily basis is by far more difficult than anything I will ever come in contact with."

Also true.

I am constantly amazed at how hard my son works. Tasks that are simple to us take more than twice the effort for Grant. I pray that someday things like eating, walking up and down stairs, putting on clothes, talking, and interacting with others will be easier for him.

Until then, I find comfort in knowing that I'm not alone in this journey.

(Now brace yourself for some sappiness...)

The forecast looks stormy but I think it's going to clear up and the "Son" is going to shine through. : )

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