August 29, 2011

Pack Rat

Wesley is my pack rat. If I'm missing something he's often a suspect. It's not uncommon for him to snatch an item and hide it somewhere. I'm pretty sure he's making sure my investigative skills stay sharp.

It all started when Wes was around 12 months old. While cleaning the house and searching for some random things that had gone missing (thinking I had misplaced them), I looked under one of the corners of our couch. There, neatly stashed, was a collection of miscellaneous items from around the house.

Later that day I saw Wesley walking around with a spoon. Thinking no one was watching him, he crouched down and shoved the spoon under the corner of the couch. I caught him in the act red-handed!

You never know when you open a door or look in a corner what you'll come across...


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  1. "A merry heart doeth good like medicine" Proverbs Got a good chuckle seeing those pictures.


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