August 2, 2011

Another essential therapy tool...

Someone recently asked me what I think is the one key "tool" used in Grant's therapies. Several items immediately entered my mind: z-vibe, iPad, weighted vest, swings, books, medicine balls, therapy brush, modulated music (therapeutic listening therapy), picture scheduling/PECS, trampoline, etc...

I've talked about all those items on the blog but one thing I've never mentioned is a mirror.

After doing a few small upgrades to our powder room, we were left with a big, thick sheet mirror.
It has been put to good use.

Many of Grant's lessons take place in front of our big, sturdy mirror. He gets dressed, does speech/mouth exercises, and plays while watching his reflection. Because Grant learns best with visual cues, the mirror makes perfect prop.

Grant is learning how to grasp his pants firmly enough to pull them up.

We also use a smaller mirror for table exercises such as brushing teeth and eating.

Oh, and the large mirror made the perfect tummy time mirror for Wesley when he was a baby. :)

Wesley, four months old


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