August 16, 2011

Top 10 phrases you hear at our house

10. That's not a chew - get a chew.

9.  What did Mommy just say?

8.  Serenity Now!!

7.  Use your fork not your fingers.

6.  It's your turn (referring to who gets to get up with Grant in the middle of the night).

5.  The Bible says love others. Hitting your brother is not loving him.

4.  I don't understand the language of whining/yelling/screaming... Use your words!

3.  Who wants to watch Signing Time?!

2.  Let's find out when Daddy is going to be home.

1.  What's in your mouth?!? Where did you find that? I just swept the floor!

Sometimes you just gotta laugh...

If I could add one more it definitely would be, "NO THROWING!!!!" We've been working on the "no throwing" thing forever. It's getting really old. I do find that signing what I am saying or holding up a picture helps. Gotta love visual cues!

Do you have a phrase you catch yourself frequently saying?


  1. Yes, I have a list. I think I'll borrow your idea and blog about it. Of course I'll give you credit for thinking of it first. ;)

  2. I apparently say "stop it!" a lot, because AJ will run around afterward yelling "stop it, stop it, stop it!" I know it doesn't do any good but sometimes I can't help but react as if they were normal kids..... it's just a gut mom reaction, I think!

    I sure loved meeting your family this past weekend!

  3. I have to add NO since that is the word Sam says back to me the most.

  4. I think over 21 years with my FX son "Use your fork not your fingers" must be the winner. He still likes getting up close and personal with his food - a total sensory experience.

  5. Karen these made me smile:) I wat thinking of some of the things that come out of my mouth or things I never thought would come out of my mouth. Like "yes, you can pee in the grass" Long story to that one but when a 3 year old has to go they just have to go sometimes:) :) I also think most toddlers(special needs or not) love to use their fingers when eating instead of utensils. I even have told Devin to "just use your fingers" LOL LOL



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