September 11, 2011

Fabulous Find: Newell Farmers Market

I'm not sure which influences my love for farmers markets more...

... the sweet memories of growing up on a small family farm in Minnesota that yearly had a big garden bursting with fresh vegetables, the want-to-be health nut and mom-of-two who desires to cook and bake with quality foods, the capitalist in me who is determined to support local businesses, or the romantic in me who enjoys carrying a hand-basket while feeling the sun on my back as I sift through quality produce...

I guess it is all of them put together.

Which is why I decided to visit Newell Farmers Market just a handful of miles from my house. I had seen signs for the market a few months back but finally took the time to stop by with my mom Saturday morning.

It was a small market but I was not disappointed with the choices. And everyone was very kind and personable. I will definitely be going back.


I was excited when I saw they sell grass fed, hormone free, free range meat and dairy products. According to Go Natural Charlotte, they also sell hand spun/dyed fibers and homemade soap.

The farmers market will be closing for a month while the owners switch over to their fall produce. I assure you I will arrive early on October 15th when it reopens.

If you live near the university area of Charlotte, Newell Farmers Market is worth checking out. You can find them on Facebook by clicking here.

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