September 20, 2011

If all else fails, have a smoothie

Grant is not a breakfast eater. He'll eat nearly anything you put in front of him the rest of the day but he'd rather just skip breakfast (unless it's bacon). I know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but I never worried much because I knew by morning snack time Grant would be ready to eat.

Well, now that Grant is about to start preschool, I want him to have something more in his stomach before beginning his long day away from my care. The past few days I have again explored many different breakfast (and non-breakfast) foods but all he wants is his milk.

Then, last night, I watched an episode of The Dr. Oz Show and he mentioned that everyone should have 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up. One thing he highly recommended that fit that criteria was a breakfast smoothly with Greek yogurt, almonds, and berries. BINGO! I found my solution! Throw in Grant's morning vitamins and I think we have winner.

I tested it out this morning and both boys drank their smoothies in record time. I love that this is something that Grant can drink on the way to school. I will continue to try feeding Grant breakfast but it will be a lot less stressful knowing that he will have his smoothie to drink.

In addition to the Greek yogurt, almonds, and berries, I added some strawberry Kefir - which has probiotics and is high in protein - and a banana.
Bonus: Sipping from a straw is great sensory input (it really calms Grant) and is a good tool in Oral-Motor Therapy

Part I: Straws - Using Simple Tools in Oral-Motor Therapy



  1. That looks delicious! I'm gonna have to try that for myself! What is Kefir?

  2. I am going to try that!! Landon and Liam will love that! Thanks for posting!


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