September 29, 2011

Prayer Request: Duke Fragile X Clinic

I am stealing a few minutes to write a quick post... there is lots to do to get ready for our trip!

This evening we will be driving to Durham for Grant's appointment at the Duke Fragile X Clinic. By traveling up the night before, we are hoping to ensure that Grant will be rested and in a good mood for the four hour appointment on Friday (instead of spending all morning in the car and then going straight to the testing which is scheduled right at his nap time). We are very grateful to wonderful friends who have secured a hotel room for us to stay. What generosity - thank you! And thank you to my fabulous sister-in-law who is delaying her vacation so she can watch Wesley.

Please pray...
  • the drive will go smoothly and our car will remain reliable
  • that Grant will get a good and FULL night of sleep
  • for Grant to heal quickly from his cold and that it will not affect his ability to participate in the testing activities
  • that the appointment will be everything we hope it to be - insightful, full of helpful information and suggestions, and encouraging. I am also hoping they can determine if Grant needs an autism diagnosis in addition to his Fragile X Syndrome diagnosis
  • that we will feel uplifted after the appointment. Appointments like this tend to weigh heavily on me and take a day for me to emotionally recuperate - it still is difficult to hear everything Grant does and will struggle with
  • that God will be glorified through this appointment

For it is you who light my lamp; the Lord my God lightens my darkness. Psalm 18:28


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