November 9, 2011

Sous Chefs

Most of the time I "shoo" the boys away from the kitchen... I'm too busy trying to get dinner ready to engage them properly (and constantly keep them from endangering themselves). It's easier to just keep them out.

But I want them to love cooking and baking. To know and enjoy the process. To be independent.

That means I need to start now - while they are young.

What better way to begin than to bake some cookies! Of course we did more than our fair share of testing the dough while learning to follow instructions.

 We don't have any kid-size aprons so I adjusted mine as best I could... too cute!

For some reason, Wesley decided he needed to hold a ball while spooning the cookie dough.


Add a cup of milk and it was a recipe for fun and "yummy-ness". Or as Grant would put it: "Mmmmmmm!"

 I learned all I know from the best. Thanks, Mom, for teaching me so much about cooking and baking.


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  1. I love baking with my boys, too. It's worth all of the flour on the floor and the sticky faces. What a beautiful family tradition.


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