December 3, 2011

The stuff of memories

I hear laughter in the next room and I quietly sneak to the doorway, hoping they had not heard me. I am not ready to reveal my presence. I watch my two sons play nicely together - an occasion not out of the ordinary but still a treasure.

Today has been a good day, full of sweet memories to savor and store away. No doubt there will be day when I will need to draw from the cistern of joyful memories to help me cope; a day when the symptoms of Fragile X Syndrome wage a relentless battle on my older son, Grant.

I continue to silently watch as my younger son, Wesley, moves from his place of play to retrieve a toy Grant had dropped. Knowing it is one of his favorites, Wesley returns the toy to his brother's hands.

That is my Wesley... so thoughtful and caring. I pray daily that he will continue to have a tender heart for his brother and wisdom to shoulder the responsibility that comes with having a sibling with special needs.

I am about to step into the scene to praise Wesley but stop short.

The scene continues to unfold as Grant smiles with gratitude over the returned toy then kisses Wesley softly on head. At three years of age, Grant cannot yet talk but he still finds a way to show his love. 

That is my Grant... so full of joy and affection for others. His dimpled smile can light up the darkest places of my heart.

My mind is quickly snapped-out of its daydreaming state as I hear the two boys wrestling on the floor. The time for me to step in has arrived.

Ahh, yes. Brothers.


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