June 8, 2012

tidbits of joy

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My college roommate, Laura, was in town this week and it was FABULOUS! Too many years had passed since we had seen each other so I was overjoyed when I found out she was coming for a visit.

Thinking back to our college days, little did we know how much our lives would parallel each other. I have a child with significant developmental special needs and she has two sweet boys (twins) with significant medical needs. We both have learned to savor the precious moments in the midst of life-changing struggles.

One of the many precious moments I savored during Laura's four-day stay was her sweet interaction with my sons. She took the time to get to know Grant and Wesley and they adored her and all the fun times she played with them.


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  1. I love the pictures in this post! Awesome! And I love reading your blog! :)


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