September 12, 2012

What I did not expect

When I received the phone call that began a lifelong journey down a different path, I knew to expect many difficult things...

     a very unknown future
     countless doctor and therapy appointments
     uphill battles, fighting for services
     saying good-bye to certain dreams
But just a year and half later, the dust has settled and I am taking notice of many things I did not expect.


I did not expect to find such rich joy through the pain, to see the world through a new, beautiful perspective.

I did not expect to be humbled and used in this way for God's glory.

I did not expect to be approached by numerous people, who have shared how Grant has touched their lives and made them better people.

I did not expect to see God work through such a young child, in a short time, in a mighty way.


Happy 4th Birthday, my dearest Grant.

I will forever treasure in my heart all the beauty and joy God has revealed and continues to reveal through you.

I am honored to be your mother. 



  1. What a sweet and wonderful post. Made tears to my eyes because I have been down the road you are traveling on now. It is amazing how truly fragile x has changed my life for the better. May God be with you and your family as you walk this path.
    PS My son's middle name is Grant.

  2. Happy Birthday Grant!!! Sam will be 4 in Feb and every day I thank God for his smile and love. I do hope we can meet one day. We live so close to each other.

  3. My son Zachary was diagnosed with Fragile X 23 years ago this month. They had really just started to become aware of it, and hadn't yet found the gene. I thought my world had ended. But it was only the world I knew that was ending, because God had other plans for us. Zach is 28 and although we still continue to have our ups and downs, they're mostly ups. He has been a tremendous blessing - the greatest gift of my life. And looking back on the last 23 years, I wouldn't change a single thing.


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