July 3, 2013

lately. {the low-down on our life}

What a month!

Scratch that... What a spring and summer!

The past few months have been a time of anticipation mixed in with heavy doses of anxiety, change, excitement and blessings.

At the end of February Aaron and I decided this is the year we are going to put our house up for sale! [*Gulp!!!*] We spent the month of March fixing a few small things around the house, painting, replacing some flooring, packing up most of our belongings and staging the house. By the first week of April the house was on the market and eight days later we had an offer. [*Whew!*]

The weekend before we put the house on the market we moved in with Aaron's very thoughtful and loving parents :) With Grant's anxiety issues and his need for a calm, structured environment, we thought it best to move out of our house while it was showing. Moving out also allowed the house to be available for showings any time of day.

After our old house sold we moved into a two-bedroom rental home, living there until we close on our next house. Lord willing, we will be in our new home in the beginning of August.

So, if you've kept count, when it is all said and done we will have moved three times in five months! Craziness!

Have you ever driven through a really bad rainstorm or snowstorm? You know, the kind of storm where you can barely see enough to stay on the road? Palms sweaty as you tightly grip the steering wheel and lungs burning as you hold your breath and pray that you'll stay on the road and make it home safely... Well, that's how the past couple months have felt. Moving is tough - but moving with a child with special needs is REALLY, REALLY tough. I cannot even begin to explain. BUT, God is so good and He has reminded me of His faithfulness numerous times through it all.

And there is always beauty and joy to see and experience... if you take the time to look.

Here are a few beautiful and joyful moments my family has had over the past few months:



"Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good,
for His steadfast love endures forever." ~Psalm 136:1

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