December 31, 2014

Christmas 2014 {sweet moments}

This Christmas was filled with the joy of cooking and hosting some family events. I loved it! (I think I have finally developed and mastered a great gluten-free, casein-free stuffing recipe.)

With my hands busy prepping food, I didn't have the time I normally do to take pictures, but I did occasionally pause to take mental pictures and give thanks for the sweet time with family.

Building airplanes and "vrooming them as fast as they can go." I loved watching their creativity in action.

Chinese food for dinner, a Mayes family Christmas Eve tradition

Christmas morning was welcomed with a pancake breakfast, presents and more fun with cousins.

As the rain cleared away, there was a unanimous heralding cry to break-in the new trampoline.

 Christmas night the cousins were enraptured by "A Charlie Brown Christmas"

More family time around the table. After much research, Aaron settled on two marinades for salmon and grilled the fish to perfection. An encore has been requested.

Each evening after the dishes were cleared and the kids were tucked into their beds, the adults would gather around the table for a [friendly] game. This family likes to compete. :)

The finale to every family gathering is the grand attempt to take a [nice] picture of the cousins/grandchildren on the couch. It is always a memorable closing scene.

Bittersweet good-byes

Until next time...

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