July 4, 2015

Marshmallows & Sparklers


May 29, 2015

Moving Forward & Catching Up: more spring memories

Scattered pictures... Alone they are not enough for an individual post, but they hold sweet memories I still want documented so I threw them all together. :)

Flowers for Mother's Day

Rain has been limited this spring so each drop is greatly appreciated and celebrated.

April 30, 2015

Spring Happiness 2015 {Beauty & Joy}


March 21, 2015

Wesley's Fifth Birthday Party - Lone Ranger Style

It only took watching one episode of The Lone Ranger and Wesley was hooked. Naturally that is the theme he chose for his fifth birthday party. 

[Side Note: I've always admired the moms who throw beautiful, elaborate birthday parties for their children; they are so creative. But that's just not me. Oh I love to have a little creative-fun with party planning, but mostly they are simple. Actually, I prefer them that way for my family; sweet, fun, full of laughter and simple.]


February 28, 2015

Winter 2015 {Beauty, Silly Joy & Snuggles}

Hi! Welcome to my happy place. :) As silly and cliche'-ish as that sounds, it's true.

While I had to slip away for awhile to devote every nook & cranny of my moments to being mommy, wife and entrepreneur, I am delighted that I can now be here again - to share my heart.

...To reveal my happy place so full of beauty and joy.

And so I will pick-up where I left off, documenting little pieces of my family's winter happiness.

{Stay tuned for additional updates coming soon!}
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