January 25, 2016

North Carolina Snow Day

Yes, here in the southern part of North Carolina we swoon and shut everything down when a light dusting of the precious white powder falls on our landscape. This Minnesota born and raised farm girl rolls her eyes a bit when it happens, however, after witnessing the shouts of glee and sparkles in my boys' eyes you won't hear me complain.

Wesley was made to experience nature. He whole-heartedly spent every moment he could outside.

 Between rounds of sledding, Wesley engorged himself with snow.

Grant, on the other hand, needed to be bribed to come outside. He preferred to relax by the fire. 

Marshmallows were his reward for braving the cold. :)

 But of course, along with hours of outside fun in the snow, there is much fun to experience indoors... 
Family movie time, playing cards, hot chocolate, painting and lots of snuggle time added to some great Snow Day memories.



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