October 12, 2018

Confessions of a... DOG LOVER! {Therapy Dog Saga}

Yup, you read the title correctly. While I have no problem declaring my love for cats (see post: Confessions of a Cat Lover), I have now fallen head-over-heels for our new furry family-member. 

Week One with Shiloh

Unfortunately, the timing of getting the puppy for Grant coincided with a HUGE work deadline. Between family, work and taking care of a new puppy, I have not had time to take pictures. So I decided to take a quick break from work this morning to snap some photos of our beloved labradoodle. 

Here are a few...

While crate training is going very well, Shiloh also loves to sleep under the coffee table.

We love her personality. She has a great temperament. When the trainer came to our house to meet Shiloh on Monday (the day after we brought her home), she immediately did the "puppy test" and was thoroughly impressed. The trainer kept commenting that 'Shiloh is a gift' - she has no idea how true that statement is. :-) 

God provided, through the amazing Body of Christ, a very special gift - Shiloh.  

Shiloh is mesmerized by the chickens. The chickens are not so sure about her yet.

Like the rest of the family, Grant is completely smitten with his new puppy. What a joy Shiloh already is to our family!

MANY more pictures to come (including photos of Grant with Shiloh)!

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