October 19, 2018

Life lately through film {Film Journey}

I received my second set of film scans back from the lab. I must say I was extremely disappointed in myself. :-(

It is clear that I need to vastly increase my exposure. Sigh...

My goal for this roll of film was to capture movement while working on my camera settings - and trying out my incident light meter. I shoot with Fuji Film 400 and Fuji film is known for being very "light hungry". 

Film and digital photography are different in many way. One big difference is where the "information" is stored in a photo. 

When shooting digital, I usually err on the side of underexposing - because the info is stored in the shadows/dark areas of the picture.

Shooting film is the opposite. I need to overexpose more because the info is stored in the light areas of the picture. Interesting!

Anyway... moving on to more photos!

 I caption this photo: "Expressed Joy!"

Grant is singing "blue" at the top of his lungs while wildly swinging. Lately Grant will sing a single word - usually about something he really likes. I want to be more like that. Lean my head back and sing loudly about something that brings me joy. 



          "Sleeeeeeeeeep!!!"  :-)

Wesley is determined to learn how to skateboard.

After watching a YouTube 'intro to skateboarding' video, he donned on pants, a long-sleeve shirt, his safety gear and marched into the hot afternoon to conquer skateboarding.

And conquer he did. He is learning at an impressive rate.

In fact, watching him made me think that I could also pick up the skill quickly.

Not so. I fell. Hard. I'll leave the skateboarding to Wesley.

(One more picture of Grant swinging a couple days later.)

Glimpses of my garden:

Right as I was going to take a picture of the spider, a grasshopper jumped into the snare that would end it's life. I witnessed the spider capture, wrap and drink it's lunch.

On to the next roll of film!

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