October 1, 2018

Meet Shiloh {Therapy Dog Saga}

Great news! The puppy has been selected for Grant!

Introducing Shiloh:

Shiloh means "a place of peace" in Hebrew. 

Shiloh is a female labradoodle who has already warmed our hearts - even though we have yet to meet her (these pictures are not mine but were sent to me from the caretaker). Shiloh was selected for Grant due to her calm but fearless demeaner and, after going through some initial training, was determined to have a high level of intelligence.

The person who recommended Shiloh to be Grant's dog has experience selecting service dogs.

We are planning to pick-up Shiloh this weekend. (Eeeek! We are so excited!)

Shiloh's trainer has already been very involved. Thankfully, the trainer is guiding us every step of the way to ensure Shiloh will be the helper Grant needs her to be... What a blessing! 

So now we wait. And stare at the three pictures we have over and over. :-)


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