January 16, 2010

Update 1/16/2010

Another week has passed. I am weary to say the least but thankful that it is the weekend and I can attempt to catch up on everything that fell by the wayside during the week.

The week in review...

Monday: Grant had an ear appointment at Charlotte Eye Ears Nose Throat (CEENT) to check his ears. His appointment with the audiologist last Friday at the Watkins Center showed that Grant's right ear tube was blocked and another ear infection was forming - oh and it appeared that his tube was beginning to come out. He passed the hearing test on his left side but failed on the right side. That day I had also noticed that Grant was a little warm and feared he was getting an infection. Aaron and I immediately began giving him ear drops a couple times a day to try to relieve the blockage and prevent a full-blown infection. Then, on Monday, the CEENT doctor said that Grant's ear was no longer blocked and there was no sign of any fluid build up - and the tube was fully in-tack. They also did a full-blown hearing test and Grant passed everything. PTL!! Also, when we went to check out the lady said that we have a credit on our balance and didn't owe anything. Yeah!

Tuesday: Grant's physical therapy appointment (PT) went really well again. His therapist is convinced he is going to be walking soon. Aaron and I are hoping that Grant will walk by 18 months. We continue to work with him every day and, so far, it is really paying off. Because of Grant's hypotonia, we have been encouraged to get neurological & genetic testing done. We are praying that Grant has benign congenital hypotonia (some hypotonias are not progressive and are of an unknown origin. Central nervous system function and intelligence in children with this kind of hypotonia is normal. Children with benign congenital hypotonia may not experience developmental delay, although some children acquire gross motor & speech skills - sitting, walking, running, jumping - more slowly than most).

: Because my pregnancy has been labeled as "high risk", I have had weekly non-stress tests (NSTs) done to monitor little baby Wesley's heart rate and movements. They have been going well. I was having some pretty significant contractions during this week's test (which happened when I was pregnant with Grant as well) and it caused the nurse to sweat a bit. But after laying on my left side for a while, the baby's heart rate stabilized and my contractions went down a bit. The doctor said the good thing about the situation was they were able to monitor Wesley's stress level during my contractions and it was all very positive and stable. Now I just have to make sure I take it easy in the evenings and rest - fine by me!

Thursday & Friday: worked fast and furious in the office so I can focus on home life during the weekend - especially with Aaron being out of town!

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