January 24, 2010

Update 1/24/2010

Well it's been another typical, crazy week at the Mayes household...

Monday: Aaron had the day off from school and had a wonderful father-son day with Grant at home. This was a blessing as I was able to go in to work early and stay a little later - which in turned helped me out the rest of the week with all the time I have to take off to go to our weekly appointments.

Tuesday: Grant's PT did not go as well as it usually does. He hasn't been sleeping through the night very well and was tired (yeah, all of sudden - when I'm about to have a newborn to stay up all night with - Grant decides to have a case of insomnia or something). Actually, I think he is going through a major growth-spurt. He has been eating often and everything in sight. He may be waking up because he is hungry. After changing his diaper and giving a little milk cup he usually goes back to sleep until his appointed time in the morning - usually... Anyway, Grant's PT didn't go as well and he has begun reverting back to some of his old habit (ie: sitting in a W). It was very discouraging but the therapist was not alarmed. His muscles haven't digressed and she said that this may happen from time-to-time - especially if he is experiencing a little change in his life.

Wednesday: My doctor's appointment went well - the NST results were great. Next Wednesday I go back to the Women's Institute for another level 2 ultrasound to monitor Wesley's kidney. Hopefully the amount of fluid has decreased and all the internal organs & throat are continuing to work as they should.

Thursday & Friday: The same madness as usually - work as much as I can in the office so that home life can just be home life (not mixed in with working a couple hours from home for Thompson). Aaron did get a painting job (PTL!) and worked late on Friday.

Saturday: Aaron's parents came over (and later his sister, Lydia) to watched Grant while Aaron and I worked like mad to clean-out the home office/Aaron's art supply room/"let's throw it in there" room. We are converting it to Grant's "little-big-boy" room. We got the room all cleaned out (the rest of the upstairs is a bit of a disaster area now - but it's a process) and Aaron painted all the trim, walls and doors. It's looking good! Aaron is going to paint a couple stripes around the middle of the wall and then we can move all of Grant's furniture in! Yeah! I am so excited and relieved. This project has been hanging over my head for so long and, well, we only have a handful of weeks until little Wesley comes into the world.

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