February 15, 2010

Update 2/15/2010

It's been a busy couple of weeks. I'll highlight just a few things:

  • One-by-one we all got sick with a stomach bug - first Grant, then me, then Aaron. Fortunately it was a short-lived bug and it only took a couple of days to get back on schedule.
  • Grant's PT has been going pretty well. It is extremely difficult and emotional seeing Grant's one-year-old friends passing him up developmentally. We are thankful that he is continuing to make progress - slowly but surely. He now walks all over holding only one of our hands and spends most of his time on his feet.
  • Wesley is continuing to develop well (yeah!). I am now measuring full-term and Wesley is currently measuring at 35 weeks. I am fearful that I will go into labor before week 37 - I am hoping to make it to at least week 38. I am told the bad thing about the amount of amniotic fluid I create is that it tricks the uterus into thinking that Wesley is further along than what he is and could cause preterm labor - and creates a higher chance of "umbilical cord accidents" (which is what happened to Grant).
  • My doctor appointments are getting a little more interesting. The past couple of weeks the nurse has had me lay on my left side to get Wesley's heart rate up and get my braxton hicks contractions down... however, the doctors continue to show little concern and say that Wesley's base heart rate is good. Also, I haven't been put on bed rest so all must be OK... I pray that is correct.
  • Aaron has gotten some paint jobs on the side - what a blessing - especially with my car needing some extra TLC. : )
  • Work is going well. I have been very been busy getting everything ready for the maternity leave but I am so very grateful to all of my co-workers who are so helpful and are more than willing to take on a portion of my job duties.

We are so grateful for all our supportive family & friends and God's continuing guidance & faithfulness.


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