March 18, 2010

Big brother meets baby brother

Hmmm... I'm not sure about this...
Let me take a closer look...
Okay - I guess you'll do. Welcome to the family!


  1. Oh, so sweet!! I love the one where Grant is reaching out to touch his little brother!!!

  2. precious! what sweet brothers! wesley is a doll!

  3. Hey Aaron and Karen, Grant, Wesley,

    Your mom gave me your blog link. Thanks so much for it! It gives me a chance to catch up with you since we only get to see each other every so often. Grant is so cute! And don't worry so much about the PT and OT. I went through it in droves, and Grant is much better off than I am--even now. He'll be fine. I can tell from the pictures alone that there's a great, intelligent little mind in there, and that's the most important thing.

    Wesley is adorable too! You have a beautiful family. 'Course, it's what I'd expect with such attractive parents. I envy you...maybe I'll get to experience that someday...hmmm...

    Love you,



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