March 7, 2010

Update 3/7/2010

Hello again. Time for another update. Needless to say, it has been busy the past couple of weeks and each day has ended with a sigh of relief, feet up with a cold pack on them (yes, the swelling has begun), and a thankful thought that I have made it another day. So here's the latest:
  • During my last ultrasound (two Thursdays ago, February 25th), the technician exclaimed, "Oh my goodness! You've got a lot of fluid in there!" Yes, apparently I create quite an excess of amniotic fluid. Too bad I can't sell it or make some sort of profit from it. No, instead I get asked by everyone I come across (the check-out lady at the grocery store, several random people at Target, the person filling her car at the gas station, etc.) if I am having twins. Yes, that's me. And no, I am not going to explain to every single person that I create enough amniotic fluid that I am going to cause a tsunami when Wesley is born or that, because I have so much fluid (interestingly enough), I also have a bigger baby on top of all that. Believe me, there are a few things I wish I could say but I keep them to myself and just smile. (Really, would you walk up to a person you didn't know and say, "Oh my, YOU'RE HUGE!!" Thank you. Yes, I know. What am I supposed to say to that?) Anyway. I'll get over it. And I digress. The rest of the doctor visit went well and the NSTs have gone really well the past couple weeks. Even the doctors & nurses are surprised I have made it this far. During my appointment this past Thursday one of my doctors offered to move the cesarean up and let me chose my date. While thankful for his concern for my back, I politely declined. I actually feel pretty good and want Wesley to be fully developed - especially since all the NSTs have been going really well and the end is just around the corner anyway (March 16th is the date of the scheduled cesarean).
  • Last Saturday night, about 1:30am, Grant gave us quite a scare. He woke up in the middle of the night with croup-like symptoms. He couldn't breath and was wheezing pretty hard. I ran to the bathroom and started a hot shower to get the steam building and Aaron held him while we tried to get Grant worked up enough to cough up some mucus (he was pretty lethargic to begin with). It was so scary to see Grant struggle to breath. He did throw up a good deal of mucus but continued to labor pretty hard to breath. Aaron and I would have taken him to the ER for a breathing treatment and exam but, praise the Lord, Lydia (Aaron's sister who is an ER nurse for CMC Main) was at our house and assisted us. She brought out her stethoscope and examined Grant and recommended that we hold him and let him rest on Aaron's chest to catch his breath and watch his breathing for a while. She was very calming and reassuring. So, we raised that humidity level in Grant's room (it was like a rain forest in there), held him, and his breathing did relax as he fell asleep against Aaron's chest. I couldn't and didn't sleep much the rest of the night. Thankfully, Grant was back to his happy self the next morning and hasn't had another episode since.
  • Last Sunday, Aaron's parents came over for lunch in celebration of their anniversary. We always have such a good time them and I know Grant loves the extra attention. I am hoping he will be used to getting attention from other people for a while - he is about to go through a big transition himself soon.
  • Grant has been progressing well. He seems to have gotten a lot more strength to his legs the past month and has begun to take some steps on his own! With his walkers or holding one of our fingers, he walks all over the place but as soon as he realizes that he isn't being supported he sits down. I wish I knew how to get his confidence level up so he will be more daring - he is so cautious and any tumble seems to set him back. Practice makes perfect I guess.
  • One thing that hasn't been shy about emerging is Grant's personality. He is such a sweet little boy who loves to give hugs & kisses, laugh and sing songs, but lately he is also determined to test all boundaries and rules. Thankfully he has been quick to learn (for now) that what Mommy & Daddy say is what Mommy & Daddy mean; however, there have been a few areas that he is more determined to push the limits of defiance (ie: climbing stairs, spitting at the table...). It is the battle of the wills.

Well, that's it for now. Please continue to pray for healthy development for Grant & Wesley - we very much appreciate it. I am hoping Wesley will decide to come a couple days early and will be born this Friday. As silly as that sounds, with all the scheduling that has to be done around Grant and Aaron's work, it would be a blessing. Aaron would be able to spend more time at the hospital with me because Aaron's parents would be able to watch Grant over the weekend and then Aaron would be able to take off the next week to be home with me and then my Mom flies in on Saturday, March 20th for a couple of weeks - that would be three weeks straight of help for me! But, however it ends up I am sure it will work out.


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