August 19, 2011

DIY: noodles and buttons galore {Table Time Fun}

While searching for some fun ways to practice fine motor and bilateral coordination skills, I came across this great DIY project/table game at Gratefully Growing in Grace.

The noodles are nice and thick - perfect for Grant to grasp and practice hand dexterity.

Simply take pool noodles and cut them into slices. Then, using a nylon rope, your child can practice stringing the noodle pieces together. You can also practice sequencing as well.


I snuck a peek at Grant's last occupational therapy session and saw a neat idea of using over-sized buttons and pipe cleaners.

I couldn't find the large, plastic buttons like the OT had so I wandered around the craft section at WalMart and found flat wooden sports balls. I don't know what they are (they kind of look like small coasters), but after my hubby drilled holes in them they were perfect for the job. 

The idea of using pipe cleaners is what really grabbed my attention to this activity. They are little easier to string through the holes than yarn.

These two projects were inexpensive and took only minutes to put together. My kind of DIY project!

If you have any ideas of fun DIY projects or games that double as great learning activities, please share... I may feature it in a blog post!

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  1. Hiya Anna, Love the DIY post! At the moment I am using every scrap of spare fabric and making Charlie beanbags of various shapes and textures with different fillings. He loves to play with them and making them is therapy for me as well!


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