September 8, 2011

The First IEP Meeting

It has finally come.

The last meeting of three with the local school district is on Friday. I have been told that during this meeting I will find out the results of Grant's recent evaluation (the assessment of Grant's developmental progress), learn of his placement (how many days a week he will go to preschool, which school he will attend, and what therapy he will receive), and establish his IEP (Individualized Education Plan).

I have heard horror stories about IEP meetings - from both sides of the table. The parents say the goals are not good enough or they not being properly/effectively carried out and the teachers/administration say the expectations of the parents are unrealistic and it's just another meeting they have to attend - or something like that.

I can already feel the tension and we haven't even begun.

I do not want to walk into the meeting with negative expectations or a bad attitude and I am hoping the other participants sitting around the table will avoid the same. Great teachers do exist (lots of them). I am praying Grant will be paired with one of them, that the goals will be appropriate, and that we will all do our part to help Grant succeed.

It is possible. Right?

Say yes.

I created a packet of information for the meeting and for Grant's file that includes:
  • a cover page with pictures of Grant doing some of his favorite things
  • a Positive Student Profile 
  • an information page about Fragile X Syndrome
  • a few articles that discuss various aspects of Fragile X Syndrome (learning styles, Sensory Processing Disorder, etc)

I pray the information helps. Because of limited resources and lack of understanding about Fragile X Syndrome, I have been warned that I may need to fight hard to get what I know is best for Grant.

I am ready.

Click here to read the follow up to Grant's first IEP meeting.



  1. Good luck, Karen! Our job as parents is to be an advocate for our children, and there is no one better to fight for Grant than you! Praying for a positive outcome. Let us know how it goes!

  2. Best wishes, Karen! I have faith it will go smoothly. I think you are well prepared. You'll have to give me your insights since we'll be going down the same road in February!

  3. As a former special ed. teacher, and having been on the teacher side of the IEP, I think you are more prepared than 99% of most parents. I think it is awesome that you are ready to educate the educators! Some may need it :)

    You ARE the best advocate for your child. I love the color cups and your plan for using them as Grant progresses. You are a natural special ed. teacher! Grant is so blessed to have you.

    Praying it goes very well.

  4. Good luck and stay positive! Keep us updated.


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