January 27, 2012

Family Update

It has been a long while since I have provided an update on our family. Considering that was one of the original purposes of the blog, I feel compelled to continue so you will know how to pray for our family {and we cherish those prayers}.

Aaron has adjusted to the routine of teaching at a different school this year and is greatly enjoying it. It does mean a longer commute but he says it is definitely worth it. He also continues to paint frequently on the side. God has blessed Aaron with extra work so that we can pay the many bills that are related to a growing family and a child with special needs.

Grant began attending a special needs class three days a week at a local public school in September. He loves it and is thriving. His teachers say he is very good at following directions, enjoys circle time, and continues to progress. They also report that he daily melts their hearts with his smile and his "puppy-dog cute" eyes. He can now say a couple more words - including Mommy and Daddy. It is a sweet melody to our ears.

We are waiting on an appointment to have Grant assessed (again) for autism. Lord willing, with an autism diagnosis, Grant will qualify for more therapy which he greatly needs. This is a significant prayer request for us.

Wesley is as rambunctious as ever. He is the perfect combination of "fun-loving goofy" and determination. He attacks every challenge with a smirk on his face and flourishes. While it may be early to determine this, he seems to have a very strong will. And I love it. It can be difficult to parent him at times but I am praying that Wes will have a tender heart for his brother (and others), that he will grow in wisdom and love, and have the strength to help his brother when the time comes. 

Wesley is definitely on the small side and we are praying that he will continue to eat well and grow.

I {Karen} am enjoying the blessing of watching God work in my family's life and in my own life. I still experience an array of emotions but have discovered the sweet joy and peace that accompanies being thankful in and through all things. I have had the honor of sharing about Fragile X Syndrome and our story through some writing and speaking engagements... it has been a delight of my heart.

Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen. 1 Timothy 1:17


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  1. I love reading your updates AND praying for you and your family. Your beautiful photos tell so much more and I'm grateful for those, too. Thanks for your precious testimony of God's faithfulness.


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