February 24, 2012


Ever have one of those mornings when, before you open your eyes, the cares of the world settle heavily on your shoulders? A never ending to-do list races across your mind as you brace yourself for another day.

The past couple weeks have crescendoed to the point where, if I'm not careful, the stresses of life threaten to bubble over.

I have made it a point to purposefully pause from time-to-time. To push aside what can wait a couple of hours (or maybe even a couple of days) and stand still long enough to taste the sweet joys in my life.

...to snuggle in bed with my oldest son as he giggles himself awake.

...to hold and rock my youngest son as he slowly opens his eyes.

...to breath deeply the morning air as I linger outside a few moments while feeding my Sadie-kitty.

...to pull out my favorite hymnal and softly sing praises as I wait for my coffee.

...to walk slowly behind my energetic boys while they run and dance along the sidewalk.


Grant never leaves home without his trusted bat.

The sign of a good day... all tuckered out.

Grant's first self-portrait. Grant has been practicing drawing circles and, together with a teacher (hand-over-hand), he had fun using circles to draw a face. He is very proud of his masterpiece.



  1. What a sweet and beautiful post. Your boys are darling. Just want to pick them up and hug them. The pictures you took are beautiful. Thanks for the message in your post today. Such wise advice.

  2. Thank you, Karen Mortensen! I love the picture you have in your blog header... it makes me want to dance in the rain. :)


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