September 21, 2012


A calm stillness has fallen over the household. It is beautiful. It is refreshing. Sometimes I catch myself whispering, attempting to withhold any possibility of disturbing the quiet.

Grant began school and he is happy. His mind is happy. His body is happy. He is thriving.

    And I am rejoicing.

The final couple weeks of summer break were very difficult. Grant desperately craved the structure of school and it fed his frustrations and the "out-of-sortness" that comes with Fragile X Syndrome and Sensory Processing Disorder.

I tried my best to fill his time with structured fun and educational activities, but I was worn thin by September. Seeing Grant so happy at school - filling his need for structure, knowledge and social interaction - has given me great peace.

I love that Grant truly desires to learn and be around others. I was talking with his neurologist this past week and he asked me to describe Grant's social interactions. Without hesitation I said, "He craves to be around other but lacks the social skills to properly interact and play. His anxiety can get in the way at first, but his desire to be with others forces him to get past his fears - with our help, of course."

The boys enjoy the early morning sun while paging through some of their favorite books... #findingjoy

Now when we go to the park during the week, on the two days Grant is not in school, it feels like we have had a private invitation. Everything is so quiet and peaceful.


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