September 6, 2012

waiting {when you want to move on}

How do you teach a child a concept you're still learning yourself?

Over the past couple weeks I have told Grant countless times, "Not yet... WAIT!"

He is desperate to get out the house. He is tired of summer, tired of being home, tired of the current routine, and tired of looking at me. He is very ready for school to begin.

I have used PECS (picture exchange communication system) to show the schedule of the day, a special timer to display how many minutes are left in a certain activity, and all sorts of other prompts - but he doesn't seem to get it (or he is simply to the point where he doesn't care).

I am constantly pulling him from the car where he has gone to sit in his seat in anticipation of us going somewhere - anywhere - away from the house. And once again, I try to explain that we cannot leave yet. We must wait a little longer. The time just isn't right.

If only I could explain to my son how much I agree with him. I'm tired of waiting, too.

I'm ready to move on. I want so many things to happen now. I am restless, anxiously looking forward to the next chapter. But it's not time yet.

God is still teaching me many things in this season of life. He is molding me, preparing me for the next season - whatever it may be.

So, I will continue to discover the beauty and joy in the path we are walking... in this season of life. I am determined to savor each moment.
- - - - -
The past couple weeks we have done everything to keep the days moving along: walks, trips to the park, play dates, day trips... You name and we've done it. :)

We love our walks!

Wesley enjoys gathering little "treasures", stuffing them into his pockets for later.

And Grant can locate a stick anywhere. :)

The boys know exactly what Aaron and I are talking about when we announce we are going to visit the big fish tank. Between the fish, people watching, and all the stuffed/mounted animals, walking around Bass Pro Shop is an adventure all by itself.

Grant was so excited he had to lean in and give Wes a kiss right then.

Yes, I am determined to treasure each and every precious moments with my family and rest in God's perfect plan.


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  1. And...the waiting never ends. I too, am in a place in my life where I'm wondering if God would have me stay in a space, or whether he is having me wait for something that's coming. So, while I wonder, I wait, I try to trust, and I try not to worry. Easier said than done, sometimes.


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