December 21, 2013

the wonder of His love

It was the look in my son's eyes that finally made me pause.

My hurried, worried day seemed unaware that it was dwelling in a season of joy. But then that look...

After a day full of frustrations and heartache, I just wanted to mourn. But a simple glance at my son's face - so full of awe - staring into the "starlit" tree, hushed me.

He gazed in wonder, never speaking a word. His eyes reflected what my heart yearned for... joy.

I breathed my quiet warrior cry, I will REJOICE!

Running my fingers over the simple, wooden manger scene, I felt my body ease and fill with wonder. Oh what an expression of love! Jesus - the God-made-flesh sent to earth. Jesus - the Word dwelling with us to fill our hurried, worried lives with truth, hope, peace, joy and eternal love.

Oh weary one, REJOICE! 

our little December joys:

The boys and Daddy making gluten-free/casein-free cookies for our church's Birthday Party for Jesus.

The anticipation... :)

Several nights, after dressing the boys in their pajamas, we drove around looking at Christmas lights. A couple houses, members of Christmas Carolina, had lights set up to blink with Christmas music. They were incredible to watch.

The rhythmic lights and slow driving put the boys to sleep. (And, yes, that is chocolate on Grant's face from the warm gf/cf chocolate chip cookies we let the boys eat in the car.)

Carolina winters bring frost, rain, cold and warmth - sometimes all in the same day. We've learned to dress in layers. And, of course, we love our walks on all types of days. (Grant's red bat often tags along.)

Mommy! A mud puddle!!!

a quiet Saturday morning

winter beauty:

Merry Christmas! Rejoice!


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  1. What a beautiful post. Love your words and the pictures. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


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