March 21, 2015

Wesley's Fifth Birthday Party - Lone Ranger Style

It only took watching one episode of The Lone Ranger and Wesley was hooked. Naturally that is the theme he chose for his fifth birthday party. 

[Side Note: I've always admired the moms who throw beautiful, elaborate birthday parties for their children; they are so creative. But that's just not me. Oh I love to have a little creative-fun with party planning, but mostly they are simple. Actually, I prefer them that way for my family; sweet, fun, full of laughter and simple.]

Grilling hotdogs and roasting marshmallows was fun, but the best part of the party was the game. Aaron and I planned a bank robbery theme scavenger hunt. I made a wanted poster using a picture of Aaron - which Wesley did not recognize - hehe. :) Then we made clues for the boys to find as they hunted down the mean bank robber to secure the loot (aka: candy).



  1. So fun! I don't know how I missed this post but I am just reading it now for the first time. Your lone ranger is so cute :)

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