April 30, 2015

Spring Happiness 2015 {Beauty & Joy}

I enjoy every season. I don't prefer the cold and the shorter days of winter, but I see a purpose in it. Everyone and everything was created to have a time of rest. And yes, it has its own beauty. Some days it is harder to see the beauty in the dreary, but it is there - if only to provide contrast to the surrounding seasons.

But spring...Oh how I love spring time. With new found exuberance we dig our hands in the soil and spend nearly every waking hour outside. We all seem to breathe deeper; an ongoing sigh of contentment and happiness.

Here are a few captured moments of our Spring Happiness:

For weeks Wesley proudly boasted to everyone he knew (and many that he did not know) the news that he is a chicken farmer.

A couple weeks later...

We added a couple kittens to our little backyard farm. They are dearly loved by the boys and provide hours of entertainment.


My boys. So much love.

This Lone Ranger Chicken Farmer had just informed me that he was NOT tired. :)

"God has made everything fit beautifully in its appropriate time..." Ecclesiastes 3:11


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