October 26, 2018

Apple Orchard 2018

Every year my family treks up to SkyTop Apple Orchard with dear friends (Mike & Courtney Schnee and kiddos) for a fun day at the orchard. We pack a picnic and hike to the farthest end of orchard to get the exact kind of apple we like (pink lady). Of course we end the excursion with apple cider doughnuts. 

Normally this trip is prime time for me to take beautiful pictures of my family. But this year I was in charge of Grant AND puppy Shiloh while Aaron and Wesley focused on picking apples. Pictures didn't quite happen as anticipated. Oh well. We have the great memories. :-) 

AND!!! Thanks to my dearest friend, Courtney, I still have some photos because she was thoughtful enough to grab my camera and snap a few pictures. 

~ A few FILM pictures I took ~

I know this picture is blurry. But I still really like it. Proof that a picture doesn't have to be perfect to be favored.


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  1. Thank you for sharing these photos and your thoughts. I am glad you are back blogging!!! Your family is beautiful and the world needs your message of hope.
    Jan Bennett


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